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Language Training

Inspiring. Innovative. Effective. Customized. Our English and Spanish language training services are specifically designed to push you to the top.

Document Editing & Translation

Professional. Meticulous. Fast. Our document translations will surpass your expectations, transforming your communication.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Accurate. Technical. Masterful. Our simultaneous interpreters get it right every time, ensuring seamless, real-time communication.

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We have programs for every need

Our customized and adaptable programs make it possible for us to work with students from every level, from any background, at any age. Our classes are carefully designed to inspire students to master the language.

What are people saying?

That was a game changer in terms of facilitating my adaptation to this new country and its language. The way classes are handled, in a very professional, effective way, as well as the high level of professionalism and flexibility from the management, has allowed me to progress very quickly.

Felipe Antunes, Schlumberger

What are people saying?

I chose Lenguatec to help me achieve my goal of improving my English skills.  I have had the opportunity to receive classes from multiple teachers from Lenguatec, and all of them have something in common: great native English speaking professionals. 

Alfonso Falcony, Gestorincsa

What are people saying?

“Our law firm has had an excellent experience with Lenguatec. We always take their ability to meet our tight deadlines for granted. Whether it is simple or a complex legal text, quality is consistently great.”

Ernesto Velasco, Ferrere Abogados

What are people saying?

“Thanks to Lenguatec, I was able to complete all the training programs and now I am able to work professionally on an international level. I am currently continuing to improve my English with Lenguatec's excellent English trainers.”

Margarita Romero, Schlumberger

What are people saying?

“An excellent staff. Lenguatec has allowed me to reach out to my clients and colleagues professionally, and communicate with them accurately and fluently.”

Eduardo Solis, AON Ecuador

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