Work Opportunities

We are always looking for qualified and motivated individuals to work with us in Ecuador. We offer competitive remuneration and comprehensive benefit packages, as well as a professional, supportive, and fun working environment.

Work Opportunities

Work for 6 to 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday

Feel free to study, travel around Ecuador, or simply relax on weekends

Meet new people and witness business operations in Latin America

Work with a dynamic team of enthusiastic business and academic professionals

Competitive remuneration and comprehensive benefits packages

Work in a professional, supportive, and fun working environment



“Working at Lenguatec has given me the chance to expand my skills as a teacher by helping students with varying levels of English and who work in a variety of industries.  It has also enabled me to travel to all regions of the beautiful country of Ecuador.”

Barry Moore, Lenguatec


“Lenguatec is a dynamic and fun place to work. We put a lot of emphasis on professional growth and capacity building, and the management team is very helpful, supportive and open. Working with ambitious young professionals in Latin America is challenging.”

Caleb McLean, Lenguatec


“At Lenguatec, I have had many fulfilling opportunities to broaden my knowledge extensively in the areas of pedagogy, methodology, and how to recognize and meet student needs..”

Howard Gilbert, Lenguatec